Actives — A mailing list of those names who have made a purchase recently.

Additions — In a mailing list, those names recently added in a list update.

Affinity group A demographic or psychographic classification that identifies a record or list source.

Affluents That segment of a market with disposable income, figured on a formula of the local cost of living and the cost of taxes, plus 30%.

Agency sold A type of list, or segment, in which buyers respond to a third party. An example is a magazine subscriber who responded to a sweepstakes "clearinghouse" type offer.

Agent In mailing lists, the list broker is the agent of the list's renter, while the list manager is the agent of the list's owner. Often, one agent performs both functions for different lists at different times.

Agreement letter A letter of usage terms that the mailer signs to signal acceptance of guidelines established by the list owner.

Alumni A university or college's graduates which, as a list, is useful for educational fundraising.

Annual lease An agreement that gives a mailer unlimited use of a set of records for one year, usually at a charge of twice the one-time-use fee per thousand.

Apartment numbers See Secondary address .

Assigned mailing date A date set by the list owner to protect the list from simultaneous usages.

Associations Membership rosters of professional or nonprofit groups, useful for business-to-business mailings.

Attendees A type of list, or segment, made up of individuals who represent an interest by having attended a gathering.

Attention line In business addresses, a prefix to a three-line address which contains the receiver's name.

Attribute Any distinguishing feature used to describe a file, such as demographic information, size or date of last update.

Availability report A list of classifications for records in certain ZIP code areas,produced to target selected neighborhoods.

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